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Faith and Science Instead of Faith vs. Science

Science and religion need not be enemies in the exploration of the origin and meaning of life.  Each has its proper place in considering what Charles Darwin called the, “mystery of mysteries.” When properly understood, scientific research and Christian theological reflection contribute to a deeper understanding of these mysteries.

Many voices in the debate of human origins play science against the scriptures or the scriptures against science.  Why are many so fearful of a respectful conversation between the two?  Those who believe there is no God should not be so afraid of those who insist He exists that they seek to undermine religion as an enemy of science.  Hasn’t most scientific innovation and learning since the seventeenth century taken place in academies that were started as Christian institutions of higher learning?

Those who believe in Yahweh Elohim, the Creator God of the Bible, should not try to defend Him by denying the proper use of human reason and the pursuit of a better understanding of the natural realm through scientific study.  God has used science to heal diseases, tear down barriers and bring about a technological revolution that promises to unite humanity and usher in an age of equality and prosperity that earth hasn’t experienced.  Instead of preaching what’s wrong with science, shouldn’t we be teaching what’s right with faith and how everything in creation comes together in Christ?

Instead of rejecting faith or science, let’s learn as much as we can from both.  The only way we will ever achieve the most holistic understanding of existence is to connect the physical and spiritual.  We must learn about the natural world through science and come to terms with God as He has revealed Himself in His Son.

This is an all-important mystery we seek to unravel.  We will never know who we are until we come to terms with from whence we’ve come.  “In the beginning, God…”